Access 20+ Free Tools to Enhance Your Online Presence

If you create online content, whether for fun or profit, you know there are lots of tools out there to help you design and secure your creation. Some are free or low-cost, while others can be staggeringly expensive. While in search of free tools to help me with simple graphic design, I stumbled upon a treasure trove of them in a variety of categories.

When I needed one, I found a background remover for images on’s design tools page. I found it so helpful, I blogged about it. That page also revealed some other tools I thought may be of use, such as an image cleaner that could help remove unwanted elements from an image. Of course, all of these tools are available in software like Photoshop and GIMP, but sometimes you just want a simple tool to do a simple job.

After finding the design gems, I poked around to see what else was on their site. I was really impressed with the number of website tools on offer, and I have made use of several of them. Google, W3C, and other providers offer free tools for testing your site’s speed, validating your code, checking mobile compatibility, etc., but has put several of these website tools on one page for easy access. Using these in conjunction with other, similar tools may help you get a more complete picture of how your website is functioning. also offers tools for IT security and business. To access any of the tools on this site, hover over a menu item (e.g., Design) and select the sub-item at the bottom of the list labeled “tools.” There is a page of tools for each top-level menu item (except About).


Lots of free tools exist from a variety of sources on the internet to assist online content creators in putting their best foot forward. helpfully gathered many key tools in one place for their users. Have you tried any of the tools at Let us know what you thought in the comments.

How to Run Better Meetings with an AI Assistant

A new productivity tool seems to pop up every day, but I recently learned about one that could be a game-changer for my meetings. is a tool backed by artificial intelligence that takes notes at your meetings (whether online or in-person) and helps keep everyone you share with on the same page about what happened in the meeting. The free version is fairly robust, but if you use this tool for business, the paid features and additional transcription allotment may make a subscription worthwhile.

Signing Up

When you start to sign up for an account, it makes it look like you need to subscribe to a paid plan, but you don’t. When prompted, pick a meeting platform. When it states you need a subscription, click skip in the upper-right. This will bring you to your free account dashboard, where you are offered a tutorial.

What Can Do for Me?

The free account includes 300 minutes of recording transcription and only 30 minutes per conversation. After conversation transcription processes, you can:

  • Edit the transcription, add highlights or comments, create action items, and insert images.
  • Share the finished product with attendees or other stakeholders using a link with embedded view/edit permissions.
  • Control whether users you have shared with can export your content.
  • Create folders to organize your conversations.
  • Export the conversation.
  • Send direct messages.
  • Create a group and invite collaborators.

Unfortunately, the scheduling integrations with Zoom and the creation of a workspace (team) require a paid subscription.

The Interface

The home page is clean and simple, with menus at the top and left. The top menu includes options for starting a transcription.

Screenshot of top menu items: box to paste meeting url, record button, and import button
Options for getting started

The left menu can be expanded by clicking the blue arrow that appears when you hover near your first initial (or avatar).

Screenshot of the expanded left menu
  • Access your conversations
  • See what others have shared with you
  • Manage groups and folders
  • Direct messages
  • Click on your account name to access all of the available settings for the tool.

After selecting a conversation from “My Conversations”, you can see the transcript in the main area, with a menu specific to that conversation at the bottom and additional options in the upper right.

Screenshot of the conversation page, showing the transcript, playback controls, and other options.
  • Use the edit link in the upper right to correct any transcription errors.
  • Use the bottom left menu to control recording playback.
  • Use the bottom right menu to highlight, comment, create an action item, or insert a picture at any point in the conversation.
  • See additional conversation options, including delete, by clicking the three-dot menu icon next to the blue share button.
  • Use the blue share button at the top to send view/edit links and control whether the conversation can be exported by others.
Screenshot of the sharing window, showing options to enter email addresses and change view/edit and export permissions

Pro Tips

  • When you use a meeting URL to record the meeting, it appears as a meeting participant. Depending on your meeting permissions, the user may not be admitted if you don’t have control of the waiting room or if meeting links are bespoke per user (as with some paid registrations).
  • If there is going to be downtime in your meeting, you may want to end the recording so you don’t waste your minutes. You can always name the individual recordings to connect them as part of a larger meeting.

Summary could be a valuable tool for any individual or group who doesn’t have an assistant or designee to take notes and follow up. Even if you do have a human who is tasked with keeping a record of meetings, having a transcribed recording leaves less room for interpretation or error.

Warmly: Virtual Business Cards for Virtual Meetings

Do you use Zoom or other virtual conferencing software for professional meetings? Now there is a free app that allows you to easily add a virtual business card that appears during your meeting.

Head and shoulders of a man attending a virtual meeting with a virtual background

Warmly allows you to create a custom virtual business card and background for use during virtual meetings. With just a few clicks, you can add your contact information and a virtual background that will be displayed during your virtual meetings.

In addition, if you often meet with other members of your work team, you can create a uniform design that allows others to easily see that you work together as well as the role each person plays within your team. Using Warmly, you can add your company’s logo and create matching virtual backgrounds that help your team appear as a cohesive unit.

Screenshot of four people in a virtual meeting. Three have Warmly business cards and identical backgrounds displaying and the fourth has no virtual additions

In addition to Zoom, you can also use Warmly with Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

Warmly has committed to not sharing your data or calendar information. Their privacy policy is outlined in detail on their website.

If you have more questions on Warmly and how it can be used, check out the Frequently Asked Questions section of their website.

Have you tried Warmly? Let us know in the comments.