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Warmly: Virtual Business Cards for Virtual Meetings

Do you use Zoom or other virtual conferencing software for professional meetings? Now there is a free app that allows you to easily add a virtual business card that appears during your meeting.

Head and shoulders of a man attending a virtual meeting with a virtual background

Warmly allows you to create a custom virtual business card and background for use during virtual meetings. With just a few clicks, you can add your contact information and a virtual background that will be displayed during your virtual meetings.

In addition, if you often meet with other members of your work team, you can create a uniform design that allows others to easily see that you work together as well as the role each person plays within your team. Using Warmly, you can add your company’s logo and create matching virtual backgrounds that help your team appear as a cohesive unit.

Screenshot of four people in a virtual meeting. Three have Warmly business cards and identical backgrounds displaying and the fourth has no virtual additions

In addition to Zoom, you can also use Warmly with Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

Warmly has committed to not sharing your data or calendar information. Their privacy policy is outlined in detail on their website.

If you have more questions on Warmly and how it can be used, check out the Frequently Asked Questions section of their website.

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