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Looking for Your Next Read? Check out NoveList!

It’s happened to all readers at some point. You’ve finished a book you loved, but you aren’t sure what to read next. NoveList can help. NoveList is a unique database that allows you to search or browse various criteria to find your next read.

NoveList can be accessed at home by East Greenbush and Schodack residents, and it can be accessed by anyone at the library by connecting to our network.

If you like a particular title, NoveList allows you to search for that title. You’ll get information about the book, including its genre, tone, and writing style. To the column on right, you can see similar titles.

Screenshot of a book's summary page in NoveList

From the NoveList homepage, you can access their appeal mixer if you’re in the mood for reading books written in a particular style.

You can mix and match, and limit by age. If the pre-made appeal factors aren’t your style, you can make your own combo with the appeal mixer.

For an overview of all the neat ways you can use NoveList to find your next read, check out our YouTube video:

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