Wrap Text in a Cell – Excel

If you ever tried to put a lot of text in a small cell in Microsoft Excel, you know that only enough text to fill the cell in its current size will show. If you want to show it all, you can select the cell(s) and select “Wrap Text” in the home tab of the toolbar.

Screenshot showing Wrap Text option

This will make the cell tall enough in its current width to show all of the text. If that makes the cell too tall, you can make the cell wider by hovering over its right-side border until the cursor changes into a handle. Then click and drag to widen the cell. Use the same hover/handle method on the row to make the cell shorter.

What if you wanted to make Excel wrap all text by default? For the answer to that, check out this short Tech-Talk article. If you are prompted to login, the username and password are both eglibrary.

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