“Send To” Somewhere Else in Windows Vista/7

As you may know, right-clicking a file or folder brings up a window called a “context menu.”  This is a list of actions that can be performed with the file or folder.  One of those actions is “Send To.”  This can be an extremely handy shortcut.  For instance, if you choose to Send To and Desktop (in the resulting menu), a shortcut to the file will be placed on the desktop.  Send To>Documents will create a full copy of the file/folder in your Documents folder, leaving the original intact in its location.

While several options are available in the Send To menu by default, you may want to send items to a location that isn’t listed.  To do that:

  • Click the start button.
  • In the search box, type %appdata%/Microsoft/Windows/sendto and hit “Enter.”
  • In a new (second) window, open the folder that contains the location you would like to include.  (Example:  To add the Pictures folder to the Send To menu, open C:/Users/[your profile name here] folder in a new window.  Please note that opening the “Libraries” folder will not work for creating a shortcut.)
  • Right-click the My Pictures folder and select “create shortcut”  This will create a shortcut in the same folder.
  • Click and drag the new shortcut to the open Send To folder and release the button to drop it in.
  • Once it is in the Send To folder, you can rename the item to remove “Shortcut” from the title.

Next time you right click a file or folder, the new folder option should appear.

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