New Feature Makes for Stunning PowerPoint Slides

If you’re design-challenged like me, PowerPoint can be a painful experience for everyone. I can select a presentation template to make sure there is a cohesive theme for the slides, but I’m pretty much limited to the layouts provided in the template. Any deviation tends to look unpolished. Then, I learned about the new Designer feature. It’s a game-changer.

Designer takes the content you’ve entered in a slide and suggests different ways to lay it out and use the theme colors. The end result is a much richer variety of slides that make it look like the creator has an eye for good design. Unfortunately, Designer is only available with an Office 365 subscription, not a perpetual license version of PowerPoint.

To get design ideas, select a slide and then Design>Designer in the top menu. If Designer does not appear in the options, go to File (top menu)>Options (bottom left menu)>Scroll to PowerPoint Designer and check these two boxes:

Screenshot showing PowerPoint Designer options with "Automatically show me design ideas" and "automatically show me suggestions when I create a new presentation" checked.

The folks at Tech-Talk have created an article and short video about what Designer is and how to use it in Office 365. This is a great place to start learning about how to use Designer.

If you still have questions after visiting the Tech-Talk article, this page from Microsoft goes into a bit more detail:

Are you using the Designer feature in PowerPoint? Let us know how you like it!

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