OverDrive Catalog Updates

The Upper Hudson Library System has been selected by OverDrive, our e-content manager,  to take part in a pilot program that will add functionality to our current digital collections catalog.  The change is slated to take place Monday, May 7.   The new catalog will add three major features:

  1. Recommend to library – allows cardholders to browse the entire OverDrive catalog and suggest the purchase of titles to the library.  Within the recommendation screen, you can choose whether to be emailed if the item is purchased, automatically added to the request list, or both.
  2. Buy it now – if a title is unavailable for immediate download, there will be an additional option to purchase the title (for personal use, not for the library) from a list of vendors.  Side note:the library system gets credit toward e-content for every purchase made through the OverDrive catalog.
  3. Advertising – There will now be a space for advertisements from publishers, OverDrive, and member libraries.  When the pilot program is concluded, the library system will receive credit towards e-content in exchange for the ad placement.

Hopefully, these changes will be a win-win.  Patrons will be able to have a say in the development of our e-collections, as well as the option to get immediate access to desired content.  Libraries will not only benefit monetarily, but will also be able to build collections that may more accurately reflect the tastes of our patrons.

Let us know what you think of the changes, once the new catalog is up and running.  We look forward to your feedback!

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