OverDrive App Updates

For those of you using the OverDrive App to download e-books and audiobooks from the library, get ready for some useful updates.  According to an OverDrive blog post, the following updates are already available for Android, Blackberry, and Windows phone users, and will become available to iOS (iPod, iPad, iPhone) users soon. [edit: early audiobook return for Apple devices became available on 2/17/12.]

Updates in OverDrive Media Console 2.4:

  • Ability to return audiobooks early. (E-books have always had the capacity to be returned early.)
  • Use the dictionary feature to look up words while reading.
  • Use Wikipedia search while reading.

If you already have the OverDrive Media Console app installed on your device, it should update automatically next time it is opened.  If it does not, try downloading the new version from the Android Market or directly from the OverDrive site.

Happy reading!

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