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Access Even More Digital Content with Your Library Card

If you enjoy downloading or streaming digital content with your library card, we have great news for you. The available selection on OverDrive/Libby just got bigger! The Upper Hudson Library System (UHLS) and the Mid-Hudson Library System (MHLS) have decided to partner up and share resources. Members of both library systems have access to both digital catalogs with a single library card number.

UHLS members can continue to use OverDrive/Libby as they always have, but now they have an additional option to search the MHLS collection and borrow from there, as well. Don’t worry – this won’t make wait times longer for popular items in either digital library. Only items available for immediate checkout are available to the members of the guest library system.

How to Access Additional Content

Using the Libby App

Screenshot of Libby main menu

Go to the Libby menu and select “Add library.”

Screenshot of search results with Mid-Hudson Library System available

Search for and select “Mid-Hudson Library System.”

Screenshot of MHLS selection screen

Select “Upper Hudson Library System Cardholder” under Partner Libraries and sign in with your card number.

Screenshot showing library selection screen

Once you have activated both systems, you can toggle between the two from the menu.

Using the OverDrive Website

Sign in to the OverDrive website by selecting “Upper Hudson Library System” dropdown menu.

Screenshot of https://uhls.overdrive.com sign in screen

Toggle between the partner libraries by selecting the desired system from the Partner Libraries dropdown menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will UHLS users see everything from the MHLS catalog?

No. Titles that are not available for checkout will not be visible.

Can guest users place holds?

No, users can only place holds in their own library system’s digital catalog.

Can guest users renew their loans?

Yes, as long as there are no other users are waiting for the item.

How many items can be borrowed at a time?

Both UHLS and MHLS each allow users to borrow up to 10 items at once. The limits set by each system will function independently. Items borrowed from UHLS will not count against the MHLS 10 item limit. Likewise, items borrowed from MHLS will not count against the 10 item limit set by UHLS.

Can guests recommend titles for purchase?

No. Users can only make recommendations of titles to purchase to their own library system.

Will settings applied to a UHLS account carry over to the MHLS collection?

Any settings you configure in the Libby app (accessibility options, notifications, etc.) will be applied to all library systems linked to your account.

Settings that you apply on the website version (default lending period, display options, etc.) will only apply for the specific collection associated with them. If you want the same settings on both collections, you will have to configure them separately for each site.

Will students accessing the UHLS collection through Sora’s Public Library Connect feature have access to the MHLS collection?

No, Public Library Connect users will only have access to their home library system’s collection at this time. They will not see options to access additional content from other systems.


Thanks to the partnership between our library systems, more digital content is available for all library users. Everybody wins! Let us know how you like this new feature in the comments. Got questions? We’re happy to help.

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