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Try out hoopla for Great Free Digital Content on Demand

hoopla is a free service the library offers that has all sorts of digital content available for streaming and downloading.

There are many types of digital content on hoopla: ebooks, digital audiobooks, music, movies, TV shows, magazines and graphic novels.

hoopla is available on a variety of devices including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, a computer, and on your TV through Roku devices, Amazon Fire sticks, and Apple TV devices.

Content on hoopla is always available. There are no wait lists. If you see a title you like, you can borrow it right away. You can borrow five titles per month. The borrow count resets at the start of each month.

hoopla is only available to East Greenbush/Schodack residents, but many libraries in the Upper Hudson Library System offer access as well. If you’re unsure, check with your home library.

Using Hoopla

Navigate to hoopla’s website or download the app from your device’s app store. If you haven’t used hoopla before, click or tap the get started button to register. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll see hoopla’s home screen. Note: the screenshots in this post are from an iOS device, but it should be fairly similar on whichever device you’re using.

Screenshot of hoopla home screen.

The top row has featured content suggestions from hoopla. Next, you’ll see the different content categories. You can tap on any of these categories to browse the different types of content. Under the categories, you’ll see current and recently borrowed items. If you keep scrolling, there are recommendations based on borrowing history, items you’ve added to favorites and various featured content from hoopla.


To browse through the content that hoopla offers, use the navigation toolbar on the home screen.

Ebooks, audiobooks, and comics are in their own categories.

screenshot of ebooks section of hoopla

Tapping on a title in any section gives you more details about that title. You can add titles to your favorites list by tapping the heart icon. Scrolling down, you’ll see related authors and published reviews. The title screen shows the lending period and if the item is downloadable.

Books, audiobooks, and comics have a 21 day borrowing period. To borrow, tap the borrow button.

screenshot of a title screen, showing the borrow button, loan period, and favorites icon.


screenshot showing movies section of hoopla. Titles shown include Talk to Me, The Whale, and Everything Everywhere All at Once.

hoopla offers both movies and television series. The section for each is accessible by tapping their respective buttons on the home screen. The top row of each section has featured titles. If you scroll down a bit, you can access a list of genres and collections. Movies and television titles both have a lending period of three days.


To navigate to BingePasses, tap the BingePasses button on the home screen.

Screenshot of the bingepasses section of hoopla.

BingePasses are entire collections of streaming content. When you borrow a BingePass, it only counts as one borrow.

Some examples of BingePasses include hoopla magazines, which include issues of magazines such as Us Weekly, Reader’s Digest, TIME, and more. Hallmark Movies Now is another BingePass that gives you unlimited access to the entire Hallmark Movies Now on-demand library for seven days. These include movies from the Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Family, and Hallmark Mystery.

BingePasses have a seven day loan period.


screenshot of the music section of hoopla showing albums by Kasey Musgraves, Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney and the Hamilton soundtrack.

To navigate to music, tap the music button on the navigation bar on the home screen. Popular titles are shown first. Scroll down a bit and you’ll be able to browse through all the available genres and collections available on hoopla.

Each title’s page contains the tracks on that album and whether it is downloadable.

Music titles have a seven day lending period.

Other Content

You can access audiobooks, television, and comics by tapping their respective buttons on the home screen.

Accessing Borrowed Content

Your borrowed content can be accessed by tapping the My hoopla button on the bottom navigation bar.

screenshot of the borrowed screen

Books can only be read or listened to on the hoopla app (there are no Kindle compatible books on hoopla). Ebooks and comics are automatically downloaded to your device when you borrow them. Content that hasn’t been downloaded is streamed with an internet connection. You can download content to your device by going to the item in My hoopla and tapping download to your device. If a title has been downloaded, you’ll see that as well. You can delete the download if you would like. Keep in mind, if you haven’t downloaded content (aside from ebooks and comics), it will not be accessible without an internet connection.

screen shot of a borrowed item showing that the title has been downloaded.

At the end of an item’s loan period, it will be automatically returned.

My hoopla is also where you access your favorites list.

Kids Mode

hoopla offers a mode to show only kid-friendly content. To turn it on, tap the Kids icon in the top left corner. When you turn on Kids mode, you have the option to set a pin in order to exit back to all content.

screenshot showing the popup you get when you turn on kids mode, with the option to add a pin to turn off kids mode.

Search and Settings

Looking for a particular title, author, or series? Use the search button on the bottom navigation bar.

To change settings, tap on the settings icon on the bottom navigation bar. Here, there is the ability to turn Kids mode on, as well as other settings.

Personal settings allows you to change the email address associated with your account, change your password, hide your history, or only download titles while connected to WiFi. You also have the option to cancel your account.

In Library settings, you can change what library you use to access hoopla. You can also change your library card number.

Notification settings allows you to turn on email notifications or push notifications. Notifications include personalized recommendations and new content alerts.

Tapping on Link a streaming device allows you to link your account to another device such a Roku or Amazon Fire stick.


hoopla offers many types of content, available for free with your library card. If you have trouble logging in or have any questions about hoopla, please contact the library.

Have you used hoopla? Let us know in the comments.

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