Be a Netflix Insider: Find Hidden Netflix Categories

Have you ever been watching Netflix and wanted to find a specific category within a genre? Now there’s a solution.

Frequent users of Netflix may have noticed that Netflix sometimes has some very specific categories on their home page. For example, you may have seen something like, “Futuristic Sci-Fi Movies with a Strong Female Lead.” If you’d like something else, or something not so specific, there is a better way.

Get the Hidden Netflix Codes

Dating back to its DVD-only days, Netflix uses codes to classify each of its categories, ranging from broad (Drama), to more specific (Imaginative Action Sci-Fi and Fantasy). These codes stuck around, with more being added through the years. But the question is, how do find the codes and access the content?

Luckily, the website has written a how-to guide and included a sample of common codes within each genre.

Screenshot of the Netflix-codes website, showing main categories and subcategories with codes that are hyperlinked.

Using the Codes

There are a few ways you can access the content on Netflix.

Using a Laptop or Desktop

You can use a laptop or desktop and open up the website in a browser such as Firefox or Chrome. Once you have the category code, you can enter it in your address bar:

The “What’s on Netflix” site has a searchable list of all 4,000+ codes. If you are accessing the codes from a link on or the What’s on Netflix site, you can click or tap on the category name and it’ll open that way.

Using a Mobile Device

If you are using a browser on a device (such as an iPad) that has the Netflix app installed, clicking or tapping on the category name will open the Netflix app to that specific category. Keep in mind that the searchable list of codes may have category codes that don’t currently have any titles in your specific region.

Using a Smart TV or Roku

If you access Netflix on a smart TV or a device such as a Roku, the best way that I’ve found is to find the specific titles you’d like to watch on a web browser, and then add titles to Netflix’s Your List queue by clicking or tapping the plus button on your selection.

Screenshot showing a movie selected with the "add to my list" icon highlighted.

Then, when you open up Netflix on your Roku or another device, you can start playing the title from the My List row, which usually appears at or near the top of the Netflix home screen. Depending on the version of Netflix you use, there may also be a shortcut to My List at the top of the screen or by accessing a menu by moving the selector all the way to the left side of the screen.

Screenshot showing selected titles in the My List category in Netflix.

Have you tried searching for a particular Netflix code? Let us know in the comments.

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