Discover a New Way to Return and Delete Kindle Ebooks from Your Device

If you’re a Kindle user and regularly use the Libby app, you may have noticed you can’t return your Kindle eBooks early in the same way you may be used to. In order to return a Kindle eBook loan early, you will now need to do it on the Amazon website or Amazon app.

After the eBook has been deleted, the title will still appear on your Kindle devices. Read on to learn how to return a Kindle eBook early and how to delete returned Kindle eBooks from your Kindle.

Returning a Kindle eBook

Start by going into the Libby app or to from a browser. Next, go the shelf section of the app.

Go the book you would like to return early and tap Manage Loan. From there, tap on Return Early. Next, tap on Return with Kindle.

Screenshot showing the location of the steps mentioned in the directions with manage loan, return early and return with Kindle emphasized.

Next you’ll see an Amazon window pop up. You’ll see a message asking if you’re sure you want to return this digital loan. Tap on yes.

screenshot showing the deletion conformation page with the word yes highlighted in yellow.

You’ll get a conformation from Amazon the book has been returned. When you go back to the Libby app, you can confirm you have returned the book has been returned. If you don’t complete the return process through Amazon, the book will remain on your shelf in the Libby app.

screenshot showing Libby asking if you were able to return the ebook via Amazon with the option Yes I've returned it in bold and the additional options no, I need help and skip also shown.

Deleting a Returned eBook from Your Kindle Library

Once you have returned the book, the title will still appear in your content library on your Kindle, but you will be unable to open it or read it. When you attempt to open it, you will see an error message prompting you to purchase the book if you want to read it:

screenshot showing a Kindle e-ink with the previously returned books still displayed. Second image shows title not available with the option to purchase.

If you would like to remove it from your library so it doesn’t appear on any of your Kindle devices, there are a couple of ways to do it, depending on if you’re on the desktop website or mobile.

On the desktop website, click on Accounts & Lists in the top right corner, and then click on Content Library:

screenshot showing how to access your content library from Amazon's desktop website.

In the mobile app, tap the three lines in the bottom corner. On the next screen, tap the account icon. In a mobile browser, tap your name in the top right and then tap the see all button next to Your Account:

Screenshots showing how to access your account from the amazon app with the account button, your name and menu options emphasized.

Next, scroll down and then tap on Content Library, and then books:

screenshot from desktop Amazon website showing content library and books highlighted.

From there, scroll down to the book you want to delete and then tap the delete button. There will be a confirmation asking if you’re sure you want to delete the title. Once you confirm, you’ll get a success message the item has been deleted. It will no longer appear on any of your Kindle devices. Please note you have to be connected to WiFi for the changes to take effect.

screenshot demonstrating the delete button and the delete conformation page.

If you have any questions about either process, feel free to call the library or leave a comment below.