Windows default desktop wallpaper with the monitor glass broken

Windows Update Does It Again

Yesterday, Microsoft put out a warning that the latest update for Windows 11 is causing some apps that use the .NET 3.5 framework to crash. [citation] If you have installed KB5012643 and are experiencing crashing apps, Microsoft advises that you uninstall it to restore app performance.

Some users are also experiencing issues with Start, the taskbar, and USB connections in addition to app crashes. If you have problems with those functions but your apps are fine, uninstalling the update may also clear up those issues.

Manually Uninstalling the Update

To uninstall the update:

  • Click on the Start button and search Windows Update Settings.
  • Windows Update settings window, select View Update History.
  • Select Uninstall Update.
  • Find KB5012643 in the list.
  • Select the patch and click on Uninstall.


Because this update is optional and not all apps require .NET 3.5 to function, we’re hoping you were able to avoid this issue. If not, try uninstalling the update and let us know if it helped in the comments.

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