Easily Search For an Old Facebook Post

Have you ever wanted to find a specific post on Facebook, but didn’t feel like scrolling and scrolling through old posts to find it? Fortunately, there is an easier way.

You can easily search for a specific word or phrase on an individual’s profile or on a page or group. To begin, go to the profile, page, or group where you would like to search.

Searching a Person’s Profile

If you are searching from an individual’s profile, click on the three dots on the top header of their Facebook profile, and then click on search. If you are on the mobile app, there should also be three dots when you visit a person’s profile.

Screenshot showing menu icon on the top right, revealing search as an option

Next, a box will pop up where you can enter your search term to find posts, photos, and tags.

Screenshot showing the search box at the top

Once you’ve typed your phrase and hit enter or clicked search, you will see a list of results, if there are any. On the left side of the screen, there are options to filter your results. There is also a filter button on the mobile app.

Screenshot showing the filters in the left menu of the desktop app

Searching a Page

To search on a page rather than an individual profile, in some cases, there will be the same three dots you can click and follow the same process. If you don’t see the three dots, there should be a magnifying glass in the same area on the page. There may also be a button with a picture of a magnifying glass with the word search next to it. On the mobile app, when you visit a particular page, look for the three dots to search.

Side by side screenshots showing the page search with and without icons, including a magnifying glass, to the left of the menu icon

Searching a Group

You can also search for a specific post within a group you are a part of by going to the group and clicking the magnifying glass icon. On the mobile app, you can search a particular group by visiting the group and clicking the magnifying glass on the top row. When you tap on it, there will be “Search in [group name]” in the search box.

Screenshot showing the search box at the top showing a group name and an option to search posts you've seen or all of Facebook.

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