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Introducing Biteable: The Best Free Image Resizer

If you post to a blog or social media, it is likely you need the same image in several different sizes to maintain a consistent branding experience across platforms. Manually resizing an image can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience, especially when social media networks keep changing their optimum sizing requirements.

If you are a Canva user, you may have already seen automatic resizing in action. When it was first introduced, Canva’s tool was a breakthrough. Our library relied on it for messaging across platforms. Canva requires an account and login, though. If you are looking for a free tool you can use without creating an account, Biteable’s tool may be for you. It also contains a feature that goes one step beyond Canva’s resizer.

What Is Biteable?

Biteable is a freemium suite of tools for creating and editing videos. The free tier includes puts a Biteable watermark on your videos (but not in the image resizer) and limits the resolution of your video. It does include access to stock clips and images, as well as allowing unlimited exports. For more information about features in the paid plans, visit Biteable’s pricing page.

You will need an account to create and edit videos, even at the free level. But their offer their image resizing tool with no account needed and no strings attached.

The Image Resizer

Upload Your Image

To access the tool, open a browser and point it to: https://biteable.com/tools/image-resizer. Look for the “custom resize” box and upload your starter image:

Screen shot of the image upload window in the custom resize area.
Start by uploading your image here

Don’t worry about setting the width and height here unless you have a specific size in mind. The magic starts when we scroll down a bit to set our focal point. This is the extra feature that sets it apart from Canva’s tool, in my opinion.

Set the Focus Point

Drag the white circle around the most important part of your image. Canva assumes the most important part is centered, but that is not always the case. In this image, the most important thing is a bit off to the right:

Screen shot showing the original image with a white circle over the intended focal point of the image.

Scan the Results

After setting the focus point, scroll down. First you will see all 10 different sizes Facebook requires for their image areas:

Screen shot of the original image converted to all 10 standard sizes Facebook requires for stories, page covers, event covers, ads, etc.

Keep scrolling and you will see standard sizes for:

  • Instagram (6)
  • Twitter (6)
  • YouTube (4)
  • Pinterest (5)
  • LinkedIn (9)
  • Google Display (8)
  • Email/Blog (3)

Handily, the focal point selector sticks with you as you scroll down the page, so you can adjust on the fly, if needed.

Download Some or All Images

In the focus point selector, there is a button that allows you to download all of the images for all platforms at once. These will arrive as a compressed file on your computer.

Images can also be downloaded individually by clicking on the download icon in upper right of each image:

Screen shot showing the download icon in the upper-right of the resized image.
Download icon in the upper-right


Have you used Biteable’s image resizer? Do you have an image resizing tool you love? Let us know in the comments.

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