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Helpful Trick: What Happens When You Tap Your iPhone’s Back?

Did you know that the back Apple logo on your iPhone is not just for decoration? By accessing certain settings, you can have your iPhone perform certain functions with just a double or triple tap. Please note that this applies only to iPhones and not iPads.

To get started, go into the Settings app and then tap on Accessibility.

screenshot settings options

Next, scroll down to Touch, which is under the Physical and Motor heading.

screenshot accessibility options

Once you’re on the Touch screen, scroll to the bottom and tap on Back Tap.

screenshot touch options

Next, you’ll have the option on what action is taken when you double or triple tap. Double tap or triple tap means tapping the phone twice or three times in quick succession. Tap on either double tap or triple tap.

screenshot back tap options

Once you’ve selected double or triple tap, you’ll get a list of possible actions.

screenshot double tap options

You’ll get a decent sized list of system actions, including activating Siri, volume down, going to the home screen, and more. If you scroll down, there are also more accessibility features, scroll gestures, and custom Shortcuts you can make with the built-in Shortcuts app.

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